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SEO strategist and Fractional CMO

Elon Jones Copywriting

Reduce stress. Catch customers. Climb on.

I help outdoor brands – like yours – find the right path and stay the course through thorough customer research and clear brand messaging.

Does this sound familiar…

You love connecting people to the outdoors. Because spending time outdoors reduces stress and alleviates anxiety, and grows out appreciation for this beautiful world we live in. 


People need to be outdoors, not tucked away in a cubicle.


But lately, that hasn’t been your story...

Between keeping the books, customer service and trying to navigate the world of online marketing, you spend all of your time behind a computer screen.


You can’t remember the last time you had a weekend to yourself to just set and cast a line, ride the waves, or take a hike. 

Your goal is to connect as many people with the outdoors as possible, but you didn’t think you’d have to lose your connection to do that.

You know the outdoor industry is growing. But how do you grow with it?

You want to capitalize on the demand by growing your audience, converting customers, and earning their loyalty...but keeping up with the demand for more and more content is a never-ending task.


You see the big picture of marketing in the digital age, but you need someone who can help you execute that vision.

The truth is your team is getting burnt out trying to do it all. 

You need someone who puts the words together right, so that customers will click. 

But finding the right person for the job is proving harder than you thought it'd be. You've tried Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed...but the results are the same.

Sub-par work that may or may not get done on time, and higher fees. Frankly, you’re wondering if it’s worth it.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

I know what you're facing. You’ve got a lot of work to get through in so little time.

But what if things could be different?...

Jumping Ray CayoCosta.jpg


  • Sharing an excursion with your family without having to check-up on the current freelancer of the month.

  • Discovering new outdoor experiences to share with your customers.

  • Focusing on the big picture of your customers' experience without worrying about the rest of your to-do list.

  • Thriving in the blossoming outdoor industry.

Imagine showing people that there’s more to life than social media and screens – without being trapped behind one yourself.


Want to learn how an seo content strategy and email marketing increased bookings by 52%?

A huge benefit of working closely with one copywriter over a long period of time is that we get to grow and test together. With GBGS Studio, having a deep understanding of her goals and clients was key to doubling her bookings and her income.

Hiring a freelance outdoor copywriter sets your brand up for online success with...

Content that
Boosts Traffic

Eagle Sketch

Your content needs to be easy for search engines to find. Put the people who are looking for you on the right trail to your products and services. Get content that...

  • speaks directly to ideal clients,

  • answers their questions,

  • boosts your authority, and 

  • increases website traffic.

Copy that Converts to Action

Horse Sketch

Whether you need leads, sales, or emails to build your list, you need an outdoor copywriter that guides your clients to your product and persuades them to take action with:

  • Landing Pages

  • Email Sequences

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • and Opt-Ins

Stories that Connect 

Butterfly Sketch

Emotional ties determine whether your clients become loyal, repeat clients or someone else's client.  Consumers today want the companies they support to reflect their own personal values. Show them your...

  • common values,

  • positive interactions,

  • and shared experiences.


I Am the Freelance Copywriter You're Looking For...

"Elon is a dedicated, entertaining writer who will exceed your expectations." ~Megan

Why should you hire me as your freelance copywriter?  Good question.

I grew up in the outdoors. My weekends and summers were spent camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and all sorts of watersports. From waterskiing to sailing, I've done it. 

Frankly, I know your customer because I am your customer.


That means I know how to...

  • speak the language your customers use,

  • empathize with their pains,

  • write with authentic passion for the outdoors, 

  • understand the benefits and features of quality outdoor experiences and gear, 

  • customize content based on your customer base.

But there's more to copywriting than that...


Knowing how to communicate is only half of being a good freelance copywriter. Executing your vision in a professional and timely manner is the other half.

I'm not a flakey freelancer. I'm a professional like you.


When you work with me you can expect that I'll...

  • submit work on-time with no hassles,

  • edit grammar before I send the first draft,

  • perform thorough consumer and topic research

  • optimize your copy for search engines

  • use copywriting techniques to create a strong emotional connection,

  • spend time on the important details like optimizing your titles and formatting,

  • write in your brand's voice,

  • customize copy based on your needs.

Trust me, once you see how quality copy and content can scale your business with less stress, you'll never look back.


So why put it off? 


My simple outdoor copywriting experience saves you time!

"Elon did a fantastic job on the blog. Would def hire again." ~ Lauren

Here's how it works...


A flat rate means you don't have to babysit another employee. And you keep your sanity with predictable expenses.

The Elon Jones Copywriting



Here's where we hop on a call and discuss your goals and what it will take to achieve them.

Then we make a copy itinerary that will outline where we're going and how quickly we can get there.



Upon receiving the first 50% payment, I start researching and writing the first draft of your copy or content.

This includes thorough SEO and consumer research along with title optimization.



I send you the completed first draft to read through.

It's really important to leave me honest feedback here. Your feedback helps me learn how to properly represent your brand's voice.



Upon your final payment, I send over the final edited draft.


You publish it. And get ready to watch your business grow!

Just imagine!

No more staring at a blank screen hoping something epic miraculously appears. No more weekends spent on social media when you could be out scaling the slopes. No more playing email tag with the latest freelancer you hired. No more losing sleep over the never-ending need for content. 

Grow your connection and climb on!


Portfolio Pieces

"Elon is very responsive and was able to get the job completed." ~ Melinda

Frozen Forest

Stargazing Tools and Tips to Light Up Your Night

A short guide on how to explore the night sky while camping with your family.


The Best Island Beaches in Florida that Only a Floridian Would Know

Local insight for the eco-tourist who wants to experience and protect Florida's beaches.


10 Safety Essentials You Need When Kayaking...I Only Had 5

A comedy of errors brought to you by two out of practice kayakers who really should know better.


Products and Services

"I love working with Elon and plan to again in the future."


(SEO Optimized)

Website copy is the map for your clients. It shows them all the trails they want to take with you and gives specific directions for what paths you want them to take.

But, like a map, if it's not easy to read, someone is going to get lost!


Capture your clients' interest.

Pique their curiosity.

Grow their desire.

Call them to act.


Emails are the compass that points your clients back to you. Staying in touch with your clients through email is how you keep them oriented on you.


Email Newsletters keep your readers in the know, and directs traffic to your blog or website.


Email Sequences lead your readers down a specific path keeping them engaged with copy and content that solves their problems and brings value to your business.

(SEO Optimized)

Blogs are how you guide your customers through their adventures. You've got the know-how, so share it!

When you share your knowledge and answers your customers' questions, you become a trustworthy guide before they ever step foot on the trail with you.

Also, by answering questions, you gain Google's trust. That means more traffic to your website.


Landing pages are those short, steep trails that lead to the best views.


This persuasively crafted, direct sales copy takes your client on a trip that ends in growing your sales.

Landing Pages are also a crucial step in any sales funnel, so make sure the view is worth the climb.

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