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Maximize My Value Cheat Sheet 

With Bonus Incites 

Here it is. Just like I promised! 


Because Google is favoring long forms of content, blogs and webpage copy are more relevant than ever for building your authority and creating value for your clients.


I use this cheat sheet when I’ve finished writing to be sure I’ve created the most value for my clients and their customers. Now you can too! Happy writing!

1. Is my title optimized?

Don’t let your title be the first thing that comes to your head. Craft it at the end. Make sure you set the right expectations for your readers with the title. 

2. Are my Heading 1 and Heading 2s formatted properly?

H1 and H2s make it easy for Google to crawl your website for relevant information. Use H1s for titles and H2s for any sub titles throughout your blog.

3. Is my topic relevant to my clients, my business goals, and to Google?

Do some client research to find out what your customers want to know about. Find where their wants intersect with your business goals. Then do some keyword research to figure out how they search for that info on Google. Align their wants with Google’s needs, and you get your desired result.  

4. Did I cite my information using quality sources and reliable websites?

As the authority in your business, you don’t need sources to write blogs. Use them anyway. Citing sources reinforces what you already know, and builds authority in your reader’s eyes. Linking reliable websites, builds authority in Google’s eyes. Backlinks are one part of an effective SEO strategy.

5. Does the tone of the blog match my brand?

Chances are, if you are your brand, your tone will match your brand. But as a copywriter, I make sure the words match the tone of the brand. 

6. Do I connect with my reader on an emotional level?

It’s okay to get vulnerable in a blog! Or take a firm stand on your Home Page. It forms an emotional connection between you and your reader. That’s good! People are more likely to buy based on emotion. 

7. Have I created value for my reader?

Creating value gives your reader a reason to reciprocate. When people receive value they tend to want to repay the favor. And if you keep creating valuable content, they will keep coming back to you.

8. Do I have a clear call to action (CTA)?

This is the biggest missed opportunity I see small business owners make. They don’t ask their audience to act on what they just read about. Not every CTA has to be “Buy This NOW!”. It can be:

  • Follow us on Social media

  • Sign up for our email newsletter

  • Call for more information

  • Get a quote

Tell your reader how to act on the information you just gave them.

9. Have I edited once for grammar and once for content?

I read my blogs at least three times after I write them.

  • Once for content

  • Once for grammar

  • Final read through to be sure it still flows right.

And I don’t write and edit in one sitting. Write. Leave it for a day. Then edit with fresh eyes.

10. Is my blog or webpage copy at least 1200 words?

Or MORE! Sorry, those 500 word blogs aren’t going to cut it anymore. But it’s also more important to go with quality over quantity. Make it more than 1200 words of quality, relevant, in-depth information.

That’s all there is to it! Now go get writing!


...wait, you’re still reading? Why aren’t you writing?

Oh, that’s right! You’ve got a million other things you need to be doing right now.


And the last thing you have time for is proofreading a blog three times!


Who has time for that?!

Since you asked, I do.

I deliver professional content and copy in a reliable time frame. And for less money than if you paid yourself to do it.  

Researching, writing, and proofreading is what I do best. Let’s schedule a test project, then you can focus on running your business, while I handle the writing.

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