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Save Time and Money with a Precise SEO-Driven Strategy

You Need Valuable Content that Boosts Organic Traffic to Your Website—without paying Google

You’re tired of your beautiful — and expensive — website just sitting online getting no traffic. 


You know that 80%¹ of consumers lookup products and companies before making a purchase, so why aren’t they finding you?


You’ve tried everything!


➔ Blog every week

➔ Leverage social media

➔ You even paid for Google Ads


Now you’re frustrated. Even with all the time and money you’re spending on it, nothing brings in consistent traffic.

What’s even more infuriating is when you look up your product online, and find your competition ranks in the top organic search results — that means they don’t pay Google money, yet they get more traffic.


Wait, how do they get more traffic when you still appear before them with Google Ads?


Here’s the truth — and you probably do this yourself — most people skip right past Google Ads to the organic² results because consumers feel that unpaid results are more reliable.

So how is your competition ranking on Google while you’re stuck paying Google? 

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I'll tell you. Instead of choosing to invest in the endless cycle of pay per click ads, they put their money toward a marketing strategy that continues to deliver value and build momentum over time.

That's where I come in. 


I help you get organic traffic to your website that converts into qualified leads and sales through a precise, SEO-driven content strategy.


1. SEO Audit of

The first thing we do is an SEO audit of your website to see where it’s at. I check for...

  • upload speed,

  • mobile optimization,

  • broken links,

  • location dependent keywords,

  • adequate meta descriptions, 

  • page word counts and more. 


I am not a web designer. But I may find some technical issues that your web designer should address for SEO purposes.


With this information, we can make realistic goals for your SEO content strategy, and develop a scope and timeline for completing the the project. 

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2. SEO Website Copy
(3 pages minimum)

Your beautiful website design makes consumers feel good, but the words on your website are what make it sell good


Especially since Google bots need words to figure out if your website is useful or not.

Your website copy should guide your visitor on a logical journey.


My website copy includes:

  • Google-friendly format,

  • keyword research,

  • easy-to-read format

  • multiple, custom CTAs


I match the tone of your copy to the beauty of your website.

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3. SEO Blogs
(4 - 2,000 words)

Blogs are how you answer your customer’s questions. This is your chance to show your customers that you are the authority, so don't spare the details.


Google continues to favor long form content³. That means 1,500 words or more for best results


When I write your blogs, I...

  • perform thorough client and keyword research to answer the right questions,

  • take time to craft an SEO smart title,

  • cite high-authority sources,

  • format the blog so Google bots can easily read it,

  • and include a clear call-to-action. 

Here's what your SEO strategy looks like...

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4. Email Newsletter

Here’s where we create some of our own traffic! 


Part of SEO is Google measuring how much time someone stays on your website.


By promoting your content in your email newsletter, you show Google that you have relevant information. All while nurturing your email list.


Your newsletter needs to combine:

  • your brand's voice,

  • a unique perspective,

  • and valuable information.

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5. Opt-In

The opt-in is where visitors give you permission to email them. It’s how we grow your email list, and direct traffic to your website.


An Opt-in attracts your customers, by giving them something they already want or need.

What your opt-in includes is up to you, but here are some options:

  • a discount coupon

  • exclusive access

  • a giveaway

  • or a relevant piece of content


6. 4 - Custom Pins  (Optional)

For certain companies, Pinterest is a remarkably under-rated tool. 

It's a hybrid platform that feels like a social media platform. But, unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest's main goal is to direct users to the answers they seek.


That makes it a search engine — like Google.

I design your pins with:

  • pleasing, readable design

  • curiosity inducing hook

  • and proper formatting

"Seriously though, Does SEO really work?"

You’re probably looking at this and feeling a little doubtful. I mean does this really work?


I know the world of SEO seems intangible and hard to measure. But I also know it works because I’ve done it! 

This is the same strategy I use for my own website.  

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Websites that have only been up for a few months are now ranking on Google’s first page. That's the power of an SEO-driven content strategy. 

"But how do I know you'll deliver?"

Okay, so you say it works. But I just met you, and you’re suggesting we hike the Appalachian Trail together next week. Shouldn’t we at least get to know each other first?


That’s a fair point.


So before you commit, we’ll do a test project.

A Man and a Woman working together

This way we get to work together and decide if we’re a good fit before we go the distance. You learn that I am, in fact, on-time and professional in all my work as a freelance copywriter. And I learn more about your brand’s needs and desires.

Together, we come up with a topic and outline for one blog. I write one blog. You pay for just one blog. 


If you are satisfied with my work, then we continue on with the project. If you decide not to work with me, then you just saved yourself a $2000 mistake!

"I can write my own copy, thanks."

Listen, I'm a DIYer myself—and it's cost me a lot of money. I get it. That’s a lot of money after all but let me talk you off that cliff.


Go back through the package, and then ask yourself these questions:

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  1. How long does the client and keyword research take?

  2. How much brain power does it take to write a 2,000 word blog?

  3. Do I even have any spare time to spend on SEO copywriting?

  4. Would I be paying myself more to do it than I would be paying a professional, freelance copywriter—who does it faster?


As a business owner, your time is valuable and limited. Why bang your head against a keyboard for hours at a time when I can deliver it more efficiently?